Just released yesterday, the zombie infested city parkour adventure Dying Light is quite an unique title. The game vaguely feels like a free roam version of Mirror’s Edge with some Dead Rising mixed in. This creates some amazing experiences that can relate to the games quite unbelievable, however accurate, gameplay trailer. There’s nothing quite like running down an alleyway on your way to a mission, then stopping dead when you come to a street full of shambling zombies. What do you do? Take to the roof tops? Climb the nearest bus to avoid their attacks? Or just run head long and dodge your way through the horde? It’s the encouragement of those sorts of instant decisions that make Dying Light so interesting. (more…)


It’s time to yet again delve into NIS America’s recent anime release, Ground Control To Psychoelectric Girl! Naturally, there will be spoilers but for those of you interested in taking a deeper look into this series before giving it a go, or some of you who just want to reflect, come in and join us.

What sort of drama will Makoto and Erio find themselves in now? (more…)


Get ready for the BOOM, baby!

The new ongoing Sonic comic book series from Archie Comics, based on the new TV and video game, continues as <em>Sonic Boom</em> #3 Hammer Spaced hits news stands on Wednesday!

Amy’s most precious possession, her piko hammer, has gone missing! And if she can’t find it, her hammer won’t be the only thing she’ll lose! While the boys are on a hammer-hunting quest, Sticks tries to show Amy a new arsenal—but will she survive the experience?!

<!–more–>The issue is 32 pages of full colour action and features art from Ryan Jampole, Jennifer Hernandez, Rick Bryant, Jack Morelli and Matt Herms. The new issue features new cover art from Tracy Yardley, Rick Bryant and Matt Herms, and special Team Sonic Variant Cover: Art provided by SEGA. The issue is penned by Ian Flynn, as always and retails for $3.99.

Also this week SONIC SUPER SPECIAL MAGAZINE #13 is being released, a mega-magazine filled with art from the comic series and the inside scoop on the biggest <em>Sonic Boom</em>. The issue retails for $9.99.

Also, Sonic the Hedgehog’s most popular graphic novel series is back with Sonic Select Volume 10! This collection of some of Sonic’s newest, greatest—and strangest—battles! Witness one of the craziest clashes between Sonic and Knuckles in Sonic’s home city! Witness the newest adventures of Sonic and his friends as they enter the new Sonic comic universe.


You may have heard that NIS America recently released Ground Control to Psychoelectric Girl on Blu-ray in North America. I’m currently watching the series and thought it would be fun to write articles about my thoughts as I continue on into the anime. Of course these may contain spoilers so that’s something to be aware of. Today we’re looking at the first and second episodes. This seems like an interesting idea since it will contain my evolving thoughts as I watch. So instead of just a review, you’ll get to see a flowing progression of how I feel the show is progressing.

Interested? Read on for this first release! (more…)


Ranging between Earth’s Cosmodrome and The Hellmouth pit on the Moon, Destiny gamers can now purchase Bungie’s first expansion. Don’t be fooled into thinking there’s just a new raid here. Be sure to stop by the Tower after picking up the The Dark Below expansion and talk to newcomer Eris. She’ll have some bounties for you that will unlock new missions.

If you’ve played Destiny on Earth or the Moon recently, you’ve seen increased activity from The Hive foes. This DLC continues that storyline leading into the darkness deep within the moon where the latest raid takes place. What else is in store and what other goodies do you get? Read on for the press release from Activision! (more…)


Just a couple days ago, Ground Control to Psychoelectric Girl the Complete Series was released in North America thanks to NIS America. The release includes a two Blu-ray, two DVD disc set with bonus features. Described as an out-of-this-world comedy, this anime involves a group of teenagers living in “the city of aliens”. Shown above this the Complete Series Premium Edition.

Want to know more? Read on for NISA’s official press release about this 13 episode series, as well as the trailer! (more…)


Lets take a look into the New Year already as NIS America prepares to release The Eccentric Family in a Complete Premium Edition on January 6th, 2015. The premium edition two Blu-ray disc set will include all 13 episodes, a 64 page full-color art book, and NIS America’s high quality collectable packaging! Want to hear more about the tale of the Shimogamo family and see the trailer? Read on for (more…)


Creative writing inspirational title Elegy for a Dead World surprisingly appeared on Steam today weeks before it’s expected 1st quarter of 2015 release date. This is the official release though and no mistake! Elegy is an interesting almost educational software title, encouraging users to be creative and craft a story about alien worlds as they explore them.

The almost madlib style that writers are presented prompts in allows for encouraged creativity. There is also a freeform selection that lets players input any text they like. We gave Elegy a run through and will have a review coming soon. Till then, read on for the press release details announced today. (more…)


Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker may seem to just be inspired by the Super Mario 3D World levels, but goes beyond those puzzle levels gamers fell in love with. I mean common, if nothing else it’s another Nintendo game that you can throw turnips at bad guys! I’ve missed that since Super Mario Bros 2 USA (or Doki Doki Panic in Japan). I grew up on titles like The Adventures of Lolo, so puzzle games like Captain Toad really appeal to me.

With boss battles and over 70 stages with a variety of locations, the game looks pretty awesome as it is. Even better, it seems to be a value priced title at only $44.99 MSRP. That’s pretty surprising since Captain Toad looks like a fantastic title! I guess Nintendo just wants to make sure as many people as possible get to experience this game and see the value of this concept. Read on for the trailer. (more…)


From the suffocating and stressful tone of the King theme to the dance party anthem of it’s boss battles, the Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions soundtrack has a lot of character to it. Now you can check out the music composed for the game by Chris Mann at any time by streaming it on Soundcloud.

That’s twelve tracks of energetic tunes ready for your listening enjoyment, for free. Read on to listen now! (more…)


After playing so much of the second Geometry Wars game, I was satisfied and didn’t think the series could evolve further (see what I did there?) but this third installment is a wonderful worthwhile addition. From the newly reformed Sierra we have an unexpected and awesome release. Imagine the gameplay of Geometry Wars, but featuring 3d objects as the grid you move across. It’s like you’re flying around a world in Super Mario Galaxy.

The main feature of Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions is adventure mode. You’ll encounter various shaped fields to orbit, different alterations that change levels into almost new modes themselves, and even boss battles! At first you may look at adventure mode and think it’s rather small, but each level is actually a quality stage that you’ll want to play again.

It’s an intense game, especially when you’re returning to previous levels to beat your high score and earn more stars. Boss battles need a certain number of stars to be accessed and collecting them is an increasing challenge. When you finally reach a level that focuses on a mode you’re good at, it feels like you’re flying through like a pro. (more…)

The Verdict


The Good: Lots of new content | Upgrades add more depth | Clean visuals

The Bad: Difficulty can become overbearing | Rare peg spawn can lead to frustrating defeat


After a delay in November (we’ll call it a race day rain delay for fun) Ubisoft is on the eve of releasing The Crew! From what we’ve seen of the beta, it promises to be a game changer. Sure, you have the regular races, intense moments, and acquiring upgrades. But The Crew is so much more! The real star of this game is the open world it takes place in. Not just a city, or a state. No, it’s a smaller version of the United States of America!

It sounds pretty outlandish and impossible, but that really is what The Crew brings to the table. Oh, that and it’s multiplayer online enabled. Even though having a huge open world to explore between missions was more than enough, you’ll even encounter other players as you race around the game world. My time with the beta was focused on just seeing the sights and experiencing the great story mode. There’s even more to The Crew which launches off the starting line tomorrow, December 2nd. Read on for the launch trailer! (more…)


The moment I heard about Middle Earth: Shadows of Mordor, I was completely excited to play this title. It also made me quite nervous since it’s seemingly original content created in the world of J. R. R. Tolkien. Quickly as I’d read the announcement I scrolled down to the comments to see how fans would feel, and I’ve been exploring that ever since. It’s been relieving to see a positive response to this new venture. Shadows of Mordor does something wonderful in bringing more of Middle Earth to us and it’s great to see fans seem to appreciate it as a respectful addition.

At first it may seem like a wild fanfiction story, but it works surprisingly well when you get into the game. A ranger who is given wraith powers sets off to exact revenge on the Orcs and Uruks of Mordor. The game is essentially what would happen if the Batman Arkham series and Assassins Creed had a baby. That’s a very good thing! On top of that Monolith Productions added in what is known as the nemesis system. This could have been a basic element to the game, but instead it makes the ability to free roam into a huge personal war you can wage against all of Mordor! (more…)

The Verdict


The Good: Open world gameplay is fun on it’s own | Nemesis system keeps things entertaining | Quality story keeps you playing

The Bad: Rare times parkour controls can do things you didn’t mean to | Large group combat can feel like a chore


Press Play’s two character platform puzzler is quite enjoyable! In a weird way it kind of evokes feelings of playing Portal, in the sense of twisting the game mechanics to complete puzzles. It’s a deceptively complex concept that adds new elements at a steady pace to keep things interesting.

We had a chance to take Kalimba out for a test drive and what follows is impressions from the beta build of the game. (more…)


One title that really stood out to me as an Xbox Live Arcade game that made challenging your friends fun was Geometry Wars. It’s a pure top down shooter that encourages you to rack up an insane score. Feeling like a classic arcade game, you could easily check the leader boards. I battled it out for a long time against my friend on the original. Every time I logged in, I’d check to see if he’d beat my score and I’d up the ante.

Geometry Wars 3 is available today on PC via Steam and Playstation 3 and 4. Xbox gamers will be able to purchase it for the Xbox 360 and Xbox One tomorrow. However a pre-order bonus level is available currently on Microsoft’s console.

The sheer enjoyment of besting my friend aside, Geometry Wars is just pure fun. The sequel added even more modes, and now Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions takes the game into a Super Mario Galaxy sort of orbiting the surface of a 3D plane. It really looks to be a game changer! Which says a lot, considering adding new content to the series does feel like a tough challenge. I’m thrilled to see what is in store though. Read on for the trailer and see for yourself! (more…)


Skylanders Trap Team expands well with the latest addition of trapping enemies to use as playable characters. This easily could have been a convoluted system, but fortunately it’s quite simple and easy to enjoy in game. No one enemy is confined permanently to a trap (Kaos aside), so for gamers concerned about full trap key sets, worry not. You can enjoy the games content with just one of each element.

Why do I bring this up first? Trap Team has a lot to offer and it’s always intimidating when you’re trying to figure out just how much the base game will cost. After all, buying additional figures comes later when you get eager throughout the year to add more to your collection even though your promised yourself you wouldn’t. It’s that initial step that is always difficult. (more…)

The Verdict


The Good: Grand adventure | New characters both Skylanders and villains | Using the Traptanium Portal is fun and the device has quality audio.

The Bad: Still no return of Heroic Challenges or other additional per character incentives to buy new regular Skylanders from this generation.


It may not seem like a big deal at first, but just a change in perspective can make all the difference in GTA V‘s on foot free roaming. Open world games like Grand Theft Auto really do have that sense that sure, you can cause chaos, or you can even just go for a walk. After all, these games are based on real world locations as well. With the addition of first person in the next gen release of GTA V, you really do feel a different sense than in third person. Read on for (more…)


Unlike previous titles in the series, Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire had different villain teams you’d rival in your adventure. That tradition carries on in this weeks 3DS re-releases, Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire this week. Not that there isn’t a double pack available though. Their actions seem to be similar in both, just with different reasons in mind.

The rival is based on the element you choose. Sapphire features a water based gang named Team Aqua while Ruby focuses on a fire element group named Team Magma. Of course another big consideration is the legendary Pokémon you’ll want to acquire throughout your adventure.

Who will you choose?


This month is the 20th anniversary of Warcraft as a series. It’s only fitting that gamers will now be able to travel back in time and take on some of the heavy hitters from Draenor’s past. There’s good reason to be excited about this pack since it doesn’t only give us a “what if” look at the history we know and love, but will more than likely serve as reminders and introductions for the lore that will be involved in the upcoming Warcraft movie (just the unaltered version).

On the bright side as well, it seems the alternate timeline version of Draenor is another dimension. So players don’t need to worry about the world being rewritten. So what other exciting additions make this expansion great? The whole garrison building option sounds like the highlight! (more…)


There are many games we’ve all wanted to see in the first person. I’m sure some of us even spent time in GTAV spinning the camera around and trying to look at all that neat stuff in Franklin’s aunts house. Rockstar is known for making interesting open worlds to explore. Now gamers can get a different vantage point on the action with the next gen release of GTAV due out next week! Read on for the first person trailer. (more…)