When I saw early footage of Destiny long ago, I was quite optimistic. The game had a very Borderlands kind of feel but with a more realistic appearance. I’ve been eager to see how it plays for a long time in comparison to those impressions, and I have to say it’s quite an experience! So what made this game so awesome to me? Read on to find out!

Destiny plays more fast and furious than Bungie’s well known Halo series I found. Between fast melee attacks, frantic firefights, and rarely charging up your super move, it’s a blast running through combat. At first, I found myself crawling through the wreckage of the games starting area in Old Russia on Earth. I was careful to sneak up to groups of The Fallen, the games first group of enemies, and take it slow. As you become more powerful though you’ll probably throw caution to the wind and start mowing through many of your foes. (more…)

The Verdict


The Good: Exploration and combat are both fun | It’s a joy to play with friends in such big areas | Loot grinding end game and strikes keep you playing

The Bad: Could use more story embellishment | Better explanation of some game elements | Adding maps for ground level areas would be a plus


Life Is Feudal: Your Own is an interesting mix of survival game concepts that is shaping up to be a quality title to enjoy. The main focus is playing with a sandbox of a medieval world that you can craft into your own design. Currently on Steam in early Alpha, many players have already decided to give it a go and boost the game to the number one Top Seller spot on the store. It’s really quite interesting, mostly due to it’s context menu. In general, Life Is Feudal has a realistic landscape look, while holding a Minecraft like digging system for looking for ore. (more…)


Compile Heart is known for giving you areas to explore and level up in while weaving a large story to enjoy. Fairy Fencer F is no exception to that winning formula and spins a new tale that may draw in a different crowd. Unlike past titles Mugen Souls and the Hyperdimension Neptunia series, this is much more of a traditional fantasy JRPG in the story sense. Fairy Fencer F takes place in a world after the goddess and vile god have fought to a stalemate. Each is frozen by various weapons called Furies. These two can be freed however if Fencers can use their ability to wield and collect Furies, which then can remove those holding them in stasis. (more…)


Dating Sims are a sort of game you can really just sit back and enjoy. Sometimes they play out like Visual Novels and just let you read along with the story. Otherwise like Fading Hearts give you choices as you get further in that allow you to craft the story to your liking… Or just ignore it altogether and slay monsters in the woods with Dragon Quest like combat. I’m only a little ways in so far, but it seems like a game I’ll be spending quite some time with. Especially with different choices to explore. (more…)


Last week the second beta of Ivory Tower’s new Ubisoft distributed release took me to the open roads and ignoring the plot line (which however is very enjoyable). During my initial time with the game, I’d mainly followed the storyline. This time I hit the open road and didn’t look back! What really makes The Crew incredible is it’s open sandbox world that allows you to explore across a condensed version of The United States of America. The beauty and pure artwork of all it all is the changing landscape as you seamlessly cruise across the vast open highways. The game itself seems to focus on bouncing you from city to city on a quest to raise up your rank, but I’m sure the true staying power will be in traveling around the immense landscape provided just for fun. What did I do this time around? Read on! (more…)


Have you ever just wanted a basic RPG game you can level up in like crazy and just have fun with? Minute Quest is a great answer for that on the Android OS (and odds are on the iTunes store too). The concept is basically a side scrolling rogue-like of sorts. There’s no dungeons to randomize, but the enemy layout is shaken up each time you enter a new screen. You start off as a low level hero and adventure across the land fighting enemies, bosses, and even collecting pets along the way. Gaining gold, buying gear and leveling up all in a handheld game that is easy to drop in and out of. (more…)


One of the things I absolutely love is when fans produce their own drawings of my characters. It really makes my day to check in and see someone has made another new creation of something based on my cast. It’s not only something fun to do, but also a good exercise as an artist in general to enjoy a fandom and express it in your own way. Have you ever drawn up some of your favourite characters before? Did you use your own style, or the original look of the characters?

That’s what we’re discussing in this weeks Friday Artist Talk. Marty has been on vacation so we will be revealing full details of the Dwarf On Vacation contest winners when we returns and has had a chance to talk to the contest winners. (more…)


That’s exactly what Scott Pilgrim creator Bryan Lee O’Malley created after the hit graphic novel series. A new book called Seconds. The cleverly titled graphic novel refers to the theme of the book as well as the restaurant twenty-nine year old Katie opened years ago. She’s looking to move on however, and make a new restaurant. However, as can be expected, that’s when things get weird in the usual Bryan Lee O’Malley style. Does this latest book live up to his earlier works including Lost At Sea? Read on for a very special Web Comic Wednesday. (more…)


Ubisoft is being incredibly generous to us with promotion of The Crew, a new racing title coming this November. First off, it should be noted that upon the end of the beta, myself included, many stormed the forum for the game demanding more time. It is that good of a game. Picture a serious career story that unlike open world games where you can get out of your car like Watch Dogs, you’re stuck in the drivers seat but treated to tons of plot development.

The hero is an interesting character, out for revenge and working for the FBI to do it. He also looks like a mix between Gordon Freeman and a sort of Walter White vibe. When you’re first dropped into the game, it’s actually quite a jarring experience. I was watching a cut scene and then realized I was in control of a pickup truck rocketing through open fields south of Detroit with a heavy police pursuit going on. Fortunately you get comfortable with this transition quickly and it does make for a fantastic intro. Everything is very smooth in terms of cut scenes to racing. You’re eased through the story and then see a pan out to your car which drops right into the action. (more…)

In contrast to Marty’s interview this week I wanted to share some artistic feedback this Friday again for a change. We’ll be revealing results of the contest on here, but if you’d like to check out the winners just stop by the Dwarf On Vacation Art Contest page to see the final standings.

Now I’m not saying that developing a huge world for your comic is wrong. I’m just offering an alternative idea. Personally I find it to be a lot of fun if you don’t know all the answers to your own web comic. When things aren’t set in stone, it gives you more room to be creative during the production process. Not that you couldn’t with a fully developed world of course. The fun thing I like about free form web comics is, you can even surprise yourself and keep things fresh as a creator. (more…)


This week we’re taking a look back at a classic web comic to learn a lesson. Sellerz is a parody comic created by a past employee of now closed Zellers, a Canadian department store franchise. What sparked this idea? Everyday life for this employee. Those little quirks anyone working retail has come across became the topics of his comics.

Sellerz is also a lesson in simplicity. Getting inspiration from his job meant working the job, so series creator Jason Nason (yes that’s his real name) didn’t just create the series, he lived it. Sometimes it was difficult for Jay to complete a comic before bed. He still stuck to it though and is an inspiration to all of us who have begun our own series. Thankfully the simplistic style and reusable assets helped at time with Sellerz. Though he still needed an idea for each three panel comic. (more…)


One of the most important things with a web comic is the development stage. It may be difficult to take it easy when you have an idea, but just like creating a back stock of pages, it’s important to look at the entire project and consider any changes you may want to make. One of the most difficult things is to keep from diving into a web comic and just drawing as you go. Sure many of us have probably done it before, but as you get further in it becomes more difficult to set up any changes you like. Continuity can go out the window.

So Marty has taken the time to discuss this development process with Bob from Demon of The Underground and see what good development can evolve a series into. This is a wonderful topic to see how someone else has tackled the same hurdles you may be dealing with yourself. Here’s Marty and Bob with the interview. (more…)


This week we have another featured review from Mandy on Peggle 2!

Read on to see what to expect in this sequel to the puzzle game that became a huge fan favourite! (more…)

The Verdict


The Good: Beautiful graphics and animations | Addictive gameplay | Easy controls

The Bad: Liked to have seen maybe a few more Masters return from the original


The only way you can win is coming in with the most votes so be sure to promote your contest entry every where you can to get to first place! Don’t forget too, there’s nothing in the rules that prevents you from voting on your own entry. That and votes can be cast again every day so keep at it! We have six entries right now and voting has already begun! The Dwarf On Vacation Art Contest runs until July 31st so be sure to vote all you can.

Keep it going everyone! There’s just six days left until the contest ends. Make your entry count by getting all the support you can! :D


After E3, there has been SO much going on in the world of video games, Ubisoft’s The Crew somehow raced past me. Today I was completely floored by the footage showcasing a drive from Miami to LA that YouTube user Birds AT had posted. To begin with, Ubisoft is looking for feedback with this beta as with any beta, but they are letting participants post footage online and live stream! It’s a good thing too because I instantly wanted in on the action. I haven’t had a chance to take a detailed look but there seems to be quite the variety to the neighbourhoods in The Crew. Just for the cruising experience alone this looks like a fantastic title.

The vast scale of The Crew brings open world gameplay to the racing genre in a new way. With other Ubisoft titles such as Watch Dogs and Assassin’s Creed you’ve been able to explore cities on your own to seek out new things to see. In a way, this is what The Crew seems to do for the racing genre. We’re all used to seeing awesome screens of still cars in racing games, but this title gives you a variety of eye candy to blur past as you’re driving. That’s not to say no game before has had great backgrounds, but it’s really the mix of content that stands out here.

Again, I haven’t tried the title yet, but I’m hoping for big open highways in the mid west. That’s one thing I always wanted in GTA. I loved the country areas of San Andreas for the PS2. Here’s to hoping! Look for more of my feedback on the game coming soon on Ubisoft’s upcoming November title The Crew.

Read on for the YouTube video showcasing driving across America! Please note however, this is beta footage so don’t judge this as the final quality of the game. (more…)


This week we’re taking a look at The Highest Bet which brought back memories for me with it’s animated intro. My friend and I used to make Flash animations all the time just for fun before I began producing full scale animations on my own. It’s great to see a web comic creator utilizing animation to promote their web comic and get readers excited for what’s to come. So join our heroine as she hops out of her Cryoburn tube and learns what the universe is like around her.



This week we’re featuring a review from my wife Mandy who played Disney Magical World for the 3DS. I certainly do review a lot of games, but this week Mandy is helping out. So let’s take a look!

Welcome to the wonderful world of Castleton where you are the new kid in town! You first start the game by creating your character. Here you can choose to either make a new original character to play as or use an existing Mii. The selection is pretty basic for creating your own character but soon after in the game you’ll be able to begin visiting Daisy’s Boutique where you can make new clothes with various Disney character themes. Though to make these clothes you will need the items listed under each article of clothing ie. cotton,colour dyes, etc and money. You will find these items as you explore around town (look for spots that sparkle) or some may be purchased in Scrooge’s McDuck’s Shop. Where you can also sell off items you have earned/found or made for money and purchase other articles of clothing and furniture. (more…)

The Verdict


The Good: Nice graphics | Easy controls | Cute interactions and stories with beloved Disney characters | Many things to collect and do and areas to explore

The Bad: Slow paced at times | Could sometimes do with a little more direction


Though things have been fantastic with being able to share my knowledge week after week in our Friday Artist Talk section, Marty has requested I focus on our contest entries to further promote these chances at excellent prizes to promote your web comic! So each Friday from now on we will be focusing on contest entries instead of our artist talk section. You can learn more about our latest contest on the Dwarf On Vacation Art Contest page.

Who are we discussing this week? Dan from The Demon Archives and his entry! As he has pointed out on the entry itself, he is the writer of The Demon Archives and not the artist. So is this allowed that he still made an entry for the contest? Certainly! We encourage anyone on a web comic team to join in. If your artist doesn’t have the time to produce an entry, that doesn’t mean you still can’t enter and promote your series. The Demon Archives has also brought in a staggering 127 views so far as a contest promoter which can win the bonus prize of three free ad spots! That’s one less than second place itself just for promoting the contest the most!

So let’s look at Dan’s entry. (more…)



Wouldn’t you love a copy of this lil’ puppy on your shelf? This is just a mock up of what the final book will look like but physical copies of Semi are hopefully on the way! All you need to do is support the Kickstarter to help fund printing costs. Considering for just $25 you get the book, a print, and a bookmark, it’s actually quite a sweet deal! That even includes a thank you in the book as well as a digital copy and the script! Check it out on the Kickstarter page for Semi! Or read on for more info. (more…)