This week we have another featured review from Mandy on Peggle 2!

Read on to see what to expect in this sequel to the puzzle game that became a huge fan favourite! (more…)

The Verdict


The Good: Beautiful graphics and animations | Addictive gameplay | Easy controls

The Bad: Liked to have seen maybe a few more Masters return from the original


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After E3, there has been SO much going on in the world of video games, Ubisoft’s The Crew somehow raced past me. Today I was completely floored by the footage showcasing a drive from Miami to LA that YouTube user Birds AT had posted. To begin with, Ubisoft is looking for feedback with this beta as with any beta, but they are letting participants post footage online and live stream! It’s a good thing too because I instantly wanted in on the action. I haven’t had a chance to take a detailed look but there seems to be quite the variety to the neighbourhoods in The Crew. Just for the cruising experience alone this looks like a fantastic title.

The vast scale of The Crew brings open world gameplay to the racing genre in a new way. With other Ubisoft titles such as Watch Dogs and Assassin’s Creed you’ve been able to explore cities on your own to seek out new things to see. In a way, this is what The Crew seems to do for the racing genre. We’re all used to seeing awesome screens of still cars in racing games, but this title gives you a variety of eye candy to blur past as you’re driving. That’s not to say no game before has had great backgrounds, but it’s really the mix of content that stands out here.

Again, I haven’t tried the title yet, but I’m hoping for big open highways in the mid west. That’s one thing I always wanted in GTA. I loved the country areas of San Andreas for the PS2. Here’s to hoping! Look for more of my feedback on the game coming soon on Ubisoft’s upcoming November title The Crew.

Read on for the YouTube video showcasing driving across America! Please note however, this is beta footage so don’t judge this as the final quality of the game. (more…)


This week we’re taking a look at The Highest Bet which brought back memories for me with it’s animated intro. My friend and I used to make Flash animations all the time just for fun before I began producing full scale animations on my own. It’s great to see a web comic creator utilizing animation to promote their web comic and get readers excited for what’s to come. So join our heroine as she hops out of her Cryoburn tube and learns what the universe is like around her.



This week we’re featuring a review from my wife Mandy who played Disney Magical World for the 3DS. I certainly do review a lot of games, but this week Mandy is helping out. So let’s take a look!

Welcome to the wonderful world of Castleton where you are the new kid in town! You first start the game by creating your character. Here you can choose to either make a new original character to play as or use an existing Mii. The selection is pretty basic for creating your own character but soon after in the game you’ll be able to begin visiting Daisy’s Boutique where you can make new clothes with various Disney character themes. Though to make these clothes you will need the items listed under each article of clothing ie. cotton,colour dyes, etc and money. You will find these items as you explore around town (look for spots that sparkle) or some may be purchased in Scrooge’s McDuck’s Shop. Where you can also sell off items you have earned/found or made for money and purchase other articles of clothing and furniture. (more…)

The Verdict


The Good: Nice graphics | Easy controls | Cute interactions and stories with beloved Disney characters | Many things to collect and do and areas to explore

The Bad: Slow paced at times | Could sometimes do with a little more direction


Though things have been fantastic with being able to share my knowledge week after week in our Friday Artist Talk section, Marty has requested I focus on our contest entries to further promote these chances at excellent prizes to promote your web comic! So each Friday from now on we will be focusing on contest entries instead of our artist talk section. You can learn more about our latest contest on the Dwarf On Vacation Art Contest page.

Who are we discussing this week? Dan from The Demon Archives and his entry! As he has pointed out on the entry itself, he is the writer of The Demon Archives and not the artist. So is this allowed that he still made an entry for the contest? Certainly! We encourage anyone on a web comic team to join in. If your artist doesn’t have the time to produce an entry, that doesn’t mean you still can’t enter and promote your series. The Demon Archives has also brought in a staggering 127 views so far as a contest promoter which can win the bonus prize of three free ad spots! That’s one less than second place itself just for promoting the contest the most!

So let’s look at Dan’s entry. (more…)



Wouldn’t you love a copy of this lil’ puppy on your shelf? This is just a mock up of what the final book will look like but physical copies of Semi are hopefully on the way! All you need to do is support the Kickstarter to help fund printing costs. Considering for just $25 you get the book, a print, and a bookmark, it’s actually quite a sweet deal! That even includes a thank you in the book as well as a digital copy and the script! Check it out on the Kickstarter page for Semi! Or read on for more info. (more…)



Have you been considering joining our July art contest? Today Marty sits down and discusses the finer points about submitting an entry as well as discussing the art contests in general. Also included is a new high detailed sample drawing for the contest from Dark Wick. Definitely worth checking out! (more…)


Many of you are probably familiar with the web comic Dungeons & Dorks. Written by Top Web Comics programmer who brought the site to it’s current glorious state, it’s a comic for all of us who either have, or would like to see what tabletop RPG gaming can be like. I’m sure many of us have been there before. Meeting up with friends for that first time of playing any number of pen and paper role playing games, and learning the ins and outs of how the social interaction works. Dungeons & Dorks takes that familiar feeling and packages it into a wonderful web comic. (more…)

Some of you may have noticed some occasional changes recently here on Top Web Comics Watercooler blog. Slowly Friday Artist Talk has been switched over to more and more talk about the contests. That is something that will continue as has been requested by Marty. Later today, we will be starting our latest contest, and posting a delayed Web Comic Wednesday update which we are in talks about changing up as well.

It’s become increasingly difficult to make sure we have clearance to use artwork to promote just any old comic. Technically, since it’s advertisement to promote said comics, it could go under fair use. Of course here at Top Web Comics we value your rights over these articles, and would rather contact you first. That will be discussed more in an upcoming article.

Monday’s are still video game review days and will remain so for the time being.

Thanks for your support everyone!


It’s been awhile since I’ve played many Spider-Man games. There’s no question, I’ve been a fan since I played Spider-Man 2 on the PS2. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 game doesn’t go as wild and crazy as that previously mentioned title, but it does take fun liberties with the movies story line instead of just being a retelling of the story. Really, Electro takes a back seat in this story to other Spider-Man villains. There are fun set pieces however that relate to the movie, but otherwise this is in general it’s own storyline that avoids any big spoilers for the film. Scenes from the movie are sometimes even retold differently as well. (more…)

The Verdict


The Good: Enjoyable story | Interesting additions to controls | Peter Parker scenes add nice down time

The Bad: Hero or Menace system can be a pain | Rare button assignment overlap can be tricky

The next TWC Art Contest is on the way and this time the winner can even get involved advertising our site, using their characters! How does that work? Here’s the official explanation from Marty.

TWC will be doing a marketing campaign in August to promote its features throughout the webcomic community. The Marketing prizes are optional. If the winner chooses to accept, they will be working with the TWC team to come up with the ad type featuring their webcomic and characters in the TWC promotions. This promotion will bring significant visibility to both TWC and the winning entries.

What are the contest details? Read on for (more…)


The Beast Legion has come in first place in the Ostrich in Hell art contest with Dan, the writer of The Demon Archives close behind in second! Thanks to all of our entries, and I will be personally promoting all of your web comics on our Facebook and Twitter page instead of just the entries over the coming weeks. It looks like we’ll be learning more about The Beast Legion soon as the first place winner gets to write a guest article for our blog! If you didn’t win this time, or get a chance to enter, don’t worry! We have a new contest on the way very soon with details coming this Friday. All of our entries can be seen on the Ostrich in Hell Art Contest page.

After last weeks stellar Web Comic Wednesday it seems like a shame to take another break, but I’m sure the three of you who aren’t on vacation for either Canada Day or Independence Day aren’t too worried. Again, it’s fair to the comic creators to post their content when people are actually around. So what is going on? Our contest, that’s what! Today is the last day to vote! At least I think it is… things end on the 3rd and today is the 2nd… so does that mean you can vote ON the 3rd or not? Well regardless, get in there and vote for your favorite!

Due to the potentially sensitive nature of this contest, I’ll be giving a shout out to each comic who entered instead of posting their entry artwork on Facebook and Twitter. So everyone will still be getting promoted as promised. Just in a more direct way to support their web comic.

Thanks to everyone who did enter! These contests are slowly gaining more popularity and it’s good to see returning artists. You can vote for your favorites here at The Ostrich In Hell Art Contest Page!


It’s may have voxel areas similar to Minecraft’s style, but Eldritch is actually much more of a dungeon exploration title. I’m an old school gamer and this title brings back the feeling of classic action games. At it’s core, Eldritch feels like it could even be relatable to the original NES Legend of Zelda, but in 3DYou explore floor after floor of multi level dungeons that are randomized each time you resurrect. If that wasn’t cool enough to keep you busy, the gameplay itself is quite satisfying. Sneaking around or toward the various foes. There is an H. P. Lovecraft connection in the references within as well. Read on to see just how fun these worlds can be to explore.

What’s even better? Eldritch is currently just $10.04 USD on Steam today! Which is a great deal, considering at $14.99, the game is still a wonderful, enjoyable value.


The Verdict


The Good: Fun exploration | Well done stealth | Quality design

The Bad: Collecting replacement items after resurrection can feel needed. It’s a good challenge, but an easy mode would have been a fun addition that allowed you to keep gear.

A bit of a shorter topic this week since with the holidays coming up many of you are away for either this long weekend or next. Of course, these end of the week updates are for all of us to discuss various art topics on Fridays. This week we’re looking at what inspires you. (more…)

HoN_Intro This week we’re taking a look at a web comic for all you adventure seekers out there. It’s always good fun to just go exploring in a fantasy world. Pick up a basic fetch quest. Explore some ancient ruins… Or get an artifact of amazing power back for the Mages Council. That’s where Heroes (Or Not) comes in! Feeling like a casual role playing session the story follows the tale of Eyldram has he sets off to begin taking jobs for the adventurers guild. (more…)


Jason and I have both been playing Tomodachi Life over the past few weeks and this review is his impressions of the game. Mine will also be coming up soon to show the differences in what we both experienced. Enjoy! Take it away, Jason!

Tomodochi Life is a quirky relationship simulation game featuring Miis. You can create just about anyone you want as a Mii, or import friends and celebrities, and then watch as their lives unfold. It’s a simple concept, but has a lot of fun and funny results. (more…)

The Verdict


The Good: Lots of customization | Mii support means endless islander options | digitized voices are nice

The Bad: Oddly no support for play coins


One thing I’ve learned recently from watching my friends talk about their Tomodachi Life characters on social media is that people love to see themselves in different mediums. So why not apply that to web comics? Look at the above example here. Marty make a comic page featuring me and my life on his Basto Entertainment web comic, and here I am advertising it! See how well narcissism can help to promote your comic? Let’s discuss further on this weeks Friday Artist Talk. (more…)