The LEGO Movie – Review


For a change this week, we’re taking a look at a movie instead of a game. Why? In the coming weeks I’ll be reviewing the game as well. After playing the first area or two of the game, I felt it would be better if I saw the movie first before delving in too far. The game itself does expand on the movie, so it probably is worth seeing the film first. Naturally there could be spoilers within, though I’m not intending any. So if you’re going out with your friends to see the movie this week, you may as well skip this review and enjoy the movie.

The LEGO Movie is an enjoyable story about creativity, imagination, and what makes everyone unique and special in their own way. It focuses on Emmet, a happy construction worker who goes about life in the controlled city of Bricksburg. Mind you, no one seems to care they’re in a society that is told how to think and feel. It’s quite an idealic place where everyone enjoys following the rules and building things using LEGO instruction books. Unfortunately our star doesn’t fit in with his fellow construction workers.

All of that quickly changes when Emmet comes across “The piece of resistance” which is the only thing that can combat the world ending power of the Kragle! This kicks the movie into an almost Matrix sort of parody with lots of jokes and visuals throughout that keep even adult viewers busy with all the pretty eye candy.

Art wise is of course the reason I’m bringing up the movie to all of you. There is a lot to be appreciated in The LEGO Movie which shines through in the art direction. For one, everything is LEGO! I know, that sounds obvious, but even in some of the older games, that isn’t the case. In the movie however, even water is LEGO pieces, right down to clear blue studs that represent smaller water sources like shower streams. Even the rolling ocean is made of pieces.

At first the moment in the film is a bit jarring, going for a stop motion feel. After the story gets going though, you’ll forget that with everything there is to see. It really feels like a full LEGO world and not just a collection of set pieces. The areas are quite detailed and there is often a lot to see. Especially considering each scene isn’t just a visual work, it’s also made of parts you’ve probably known for forever if you’re a LEGO fan.

The movie does a great job of meshing together many different pieces and sets into a colorful world. Adults will enjoy seeing some older sets that they probably remember from decades ago. It feels refreshing the first time you see a new area beyond Bricksburg and that says something considering the initial intro isn’t that long.

Naturally there is a lot of comedy here, but The LEGO Movie does feel more like an adventure story at heart. Considering this story is building it’s own tale instead of poking fun at other stories it’s understandable that the movie isn’t more consistently comedy like LEGO Star Wars features have been for example. This works for a feature film too, giving more emotional variety to the story. Also refreshingly the movie does feel like a roller coaster ride, in a good way. There is a lot of content that is packed into this film and it fits nicely even when feeling quite fast at times.

You may want to wrap up here if you don’t want even vague spoilers. No really, stop reading. Are you still reading this? Well you can’t say I didn’t warn you. Really, if I’m saying stop reading if you don’t want spoilers and you’re still reading on, then you must be curious to know what I’m going to write next. As a movie itself, you may feel this is going to be a pretty cliché ride. Surprisingly there are twists and it’s that content that really makes the movie more of a classic than just a first outing for a LEGO film in theatres. It’s worth checking out and so far the game is too! Not to get too much into that here, but the game does do some different things that the previous games haven’t.

If you’re a LEGO fan, or have been in the past, youth or adult, you’re probably going to find something to enjoy in this movie.

The Verdict


The Good: Brilliant visuals using LEGO bricks | Original characters are well designed and likeable | Story is clever and fun

The Bad: Would have been fun to see even more of Bricksburg | Some very rare scenes feel not as smoothly animated as others – could be a style choice however


  1. DemonDan February 25, 2014 8:27 am 

    Yeah I’ve heard really good things about this and am looking forward to seeing it. Was it worth paying for 3D?

    • Les Major February 25, 2014 1:33 pm 

      I actually didn’t see it in 3D. I find movies are getting better in that sense, I’ve especially been a fan seeing The Hobbit in 3D, but it may be a nice addition here too. Just considering the medium of the brickscapes could be pretty cool. I just don’t know what the action scenes would look like, though they do tend to hold a strong focus instead of being all over the place.

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