Happy New Year TWC Fans!


All the best to all of you web comic artists and readers alike. Even if you’ve been slipping on your schedule, 2014 is a chance for a fresh start! Here’s to wishing you a successful year, a great fanbase, and lots of awesome pages throughout the coming months. All of you will be creating the new world of web comics for 2014 and we’re proud that you’ve come here to promote your stories.

So how was your New Years Eve? Did you just stay in, or party it up? Don’t be shy too, if you want to promote your web comic in the comments, go for it! This is your community and be sure to spread the word. I look forward to getting to meet many of you this year, and reading your comics as well! Happy New Year everyone!


  1. Thor January 1, 2014 3:58 pm 

    Something that would really tie this “community” together would be a unified set of forums or web-boards. Commenting on a series of blogposts doesn’t really give the expansiveness and continuity needed to build a sense of belonging and ownership that a community needs in order to put down roots and thrive.

    Such a community would fill an unmet need as well. As it stands, there is really no place on the internet with an open forum to discuss all of webcomicdom. Most creators have their own boards–with varying levels of heavy-handed moderation to protect varying levels of ego–but there are no truly wide-open forums where one could freely talk about a group of comics and how they are all running parallel themes, or how a certain type of character is deftly portrayed in one strip and painfully bungled in another. The only places that come close are the anything-goes areas like 4chan and that ilk.

    I’m not saying that a series of focussed articles like the ones announced here is not going to be a useful experience in itself, but it only covers half the community experience.

    • Les Major January 1, 2014 4:06 pm 

      Thanks for your feedback Thor and we do have plans for a forum on the way as well. I agree, there’s only so much “community” you can really have on a blog. This blog is mainly for sharing your thoughts on the various articles, but hopefully also getting to know some of your fellow commenters. Hope you had a great New Years Eve!

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