See The Dawn Of Time In One Web Comic Series


I’m a sucker for prehistoric stories and the charm of Dawn of Time won me over rather quickly. It starts off with an innocent Gon like feel to the comic with no real spoken words. Just watching Dawn’s endeavours to find food at the start of the series is fun enough, but shortly in the world really does open up.

Sadly there currently isn’t any more Dawn of Time pages coming, but I found the story to be worth mentioning the comic here. Don’t get me wrong too, there is a lot of content! From July 16th 2008 to the 4th of July 2011, there are a lot of adventures to read about in this series.

As you may have seen in my post yesterday, the creator of the Dawn of Time Web Comic has moved on to making video games. A Kickstarter success story called Tiny Barbarian DX to be exact. With the help of two friends, they produced a pixel art side scroller that classic platformer gamers will surely get a kick out of.

Back to Dawn. This isn’t just a slice of life as a cave person story, though it does start out that way. Dawn soon encounters dinosaurs, time travellers, and other civilizations. The series is very much a comedy with usually a joke per page even if it’s just a small tongue in cheek one as the current story arch continues.

Usually Dawn is a blissful traveller, unaware of anything negative with the people around her. That doesn’t mean she’s clueless, she’s actually just unaware and happy. The comic takes turns of quite a bit dialogue and spending quiet time with just Dawn and her Triceratops friend. Much of the time it is that innocent joy she gets out of the basic things in life that makes the comic so charming.

So take a look back in time if you get a chance, both to 2011 and earlier, and into prehistoric times. It’s worth the trip and I think series creator Michael Stearns story is an inspiration to all of us. He spent many years creating a wonderful comic for all of us to enjoy for free, and even a short free PC game with his Tiny Barbarian video game’s original release. Keep at it and who knows where you’ll end up.

If you’d like to see more of Michael’s artwork he does have a deviantART account as well!


  1. DemonDan January 11, 2014 12:53 am 

    Just went through and read this do to your recommendation, and I loved it! So cute and fun and just joyful, really.

    One thing, your featured image for the post on the main page and here leads directly to the uploaded image upon clicking, and not to the post or even the comic. I keep mis-clicking on it and having to back up. Just a thought.

    • Les Major January 11, 2014 8:09 am 

      Thanks for that Dan. It’s just the coding for the site. I need to manually change that. I must have missed that one. ^_^

      For sure too eh? I’m quite new to Dawn of Time myself but I fell in love with it quickly! :D

  2. Coyote February 22, 2014 7:59 pm 

    Just looked at it yesterday because it was here. Funny, cute, and playful. Made me think of the movie “10,000 BC”, except “Dawn” is more coherent and meaningful. ;-)

    Although… Sleestaks would be fun…

    • Les Major February 23, 2014 6:00 pm 

      I really need to see that someday. I’m hoping 10,000 BC is still on Crackle or Netflix. Yeah I was really surprised by the Dawn of Time comics. I’d just spun the wheel and picked it randomly for the second Web Comic Wednesday. Meanwhile here we have a focus on webcomics, art, and video games, and it turns out the creator also made the Tiny Barbarian DX video game lol.

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