Cute Tiny Dragons Holding Things


Art comes in many forms and in this case, it’s a tangible figure you can hold. Even more so, it’s a figure holding something else too! It’s like holdception or something. These adorable little dragon figures come from Stefanie of SweetMayDreams. The dragons themselves are made of Premo Sculpy clay at a cute 2” tall. I like how Stefanie leaves a basic description on each figure, letting the viewer make up their own interpretation in their mind. There are quite a few to check out!

Stefanie has highlighted these figures on both deviantART and the SweetMayDreams etsy store. The dragons tend to have various themes to them such as the icecream one above which has a really cool whipped frosting look down it’s back. That and the bronze accents look like caramel to me, which is a nice touch. I don’t know if that one was intentional, but the purple Mardi Gras one wasn’t and looks quite spiffy.


The stone textured clay dragon holding a tiny key looks quite awesome too! Most of the figures like that one include a Polycrylic glaze to give them more shine and a protective layer. Stefanie is available for custom work as well!


So how about you folks? Ever tried making figures out of clay before? I’d made a couple years ago but they were never this good. It’s ironic that my friend who always comes to me for drawing help was much better than me at sculpting clay figures

There are some other figures on deviantART too, so be sure to check out her gallery on there.


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  1. DemonDan January 14, 2014 5:46 am 

    These are so adorable! How come when I play with Sculpy they never look this good? ;)

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