A Super Villain Web Comic To Make You Say Woot Woot


Woot Labs mixes super villain action into a funny web comic style that makes for an enjoyable read. The story stars a twenty two year old mad scientist who goes by the alias Square Woot. She is “mother” to two kids she created. Her son Rusty is a robot, and her daughter Wendy is a lizard girl. With their hulking monster of a pet CatBot, and cute little Penguin named Pengi, they make quite a team as well as a family!

Of course their exploits draw the attention of super heroes that try to foil their plans such as Riot Girl, a 200 foot tall woman, and an acrobatic gamer named Actions Per Minute. The story swaps between their adventures both in being villains, and their personal lives at home as well. This keeps things interesting as we get to learn more about the characters true selves.


Square Woot is instantly likeable and works well as a central character. While she is a villain, she is still a person too and series creator diceknight does a wonderful job keeping things fresh. Even the introduction of each character to Actions Per Minute is fun and snappy. The style and color pallet suit the series well and help it stand out.


This is an enjoyable read and definitely worth a go. It has solid progression and adds new content in a comfortable and gradual manner that keeps things interesting. The characters are fun and playful making this a light hearted and comical adventure. Gamers will also find some fun references along the way as well.


You can check out Woot Labs from the beginning over on WootLabs/TheWebComic.com and don’t forget to leave some comments both here and there. The Top Web Comics blog works with your current TWC login, so sign in on the front page and post away!

Lastly, I enjoyed Woot Labs so much that I put together a piece of fan art after reading the Riot Girl issue. I tried to keep a similar style to the series. You can enjoy that below!



  1. DemonDan January 15, 2014 6:53 am 

    This looks hilarious. I’ll have to take a look.

    The featured image on the blog page leads to the image and not the post again, btw. Not being a link-nazi, just noticed that that’s what you normally do with them. :)

    • Les Major January 15, 2014 6:58 am 

      LOL wow you’re fast. Hehe I’ve got it fixed up. :) It’s definitely appreciated. I’m sure I’ll forget in the future.

      I’d recommend the comic for sure! It has a fun silly feel to it, but also works as a light super villain adventure.

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