Getting Bored With Your Comic? Try This!


Looking for a way to spice up your comic after so many releases? Sometimes you really just need a different perspective. We all get worn down with our stories. Even though you know it’s all brand new to your fans, it’s still hard to slog through content that doesn’t surprise or keep you excited any more. So what do you do? Well read on and we’ll explore some possible options!

One of the best things I’ve found for breaking writers block, or even just adding filler content until you get back into the main story, is this. Take a look at your cast of characters and consider shifting the focus over to someone completely different. We see this sometimes in cartoons. The Simpsons for example does this in a way by bringing in one of the extended cast to interact with the family and set the focus on that characters specific issues and personality. Meanwhile Family Guy has featured episodes completely focused on Brian and Stewie. Arguably Pete is the lead star of the series, so those shifts are similar sorts of concepts as to what I’m talking about.

I find it’s best to do this as a complete shift. Take one of your extended cast characters, and fully center on them. This gives you a chance to flesh them out too. If you’d feel more comfortable, you can add some sort of notification to each page so new readers know about this change. If you’ve created similar drastic stories before, than don’t worry about it.

So who is really different in your comic? Maybe there are characters you hadn’t even considered the back story of before. This is a wonderful chance to take a vacation from your main story and bring some new life to your project without taking a break. After all, when you can prevent it, you don’t want to break your schedule.

There are other ways of going about this too, such as even flash backs. Wootlabs which we featured in a Web Comic Wednesday update a couple weeks back had a moment like that. It’s a way that you can take a look at where your characters come from. Of course if you get too deep into this, you’ll want to make sure you leave yourself some detailed notes so you don’t break continuity. Dawn of Time also did something similar as well, featuring the back story of a time traveller who was in the past… So that would technically be the current future but his past. You get the idea.

Maybe that’s all you need, is to shake things up a bit. Look over your cast and see if there is someone else you can take control of for awhile. It’s fun for your readers too if you’ve been at it for awhile. Odds are someone is a fan of that character, or hopefully more so a group of people. Seeing their favourite background character focused on would be a huge thrill for them.

So don’t be afraid to mix things up a bit. It can be fun looking at your storyline through another characters eyes, and certainly fun to role play out the story from another perspective. Have you ever written a story like this before? Post about it in the comments section below! We’re all about shameless self promotion on here!


  1. DaemonDan January 25, 2014 5:12 pm 

    We’re actually about to start a couple chapters of flashback into the current protagonist at the end of this next chapter. And then after that I have been planning a couple of chapters from the other characters’ perspectives to change things up a little and round out the story.

    This post makes me want to do some more for the other characters too :)

    • Les Major January 25, 2014 10:00 pm 

      Good stuff! I’ve actually been reading through your comic in preparation for next weeks Web Comic Wednesday and that’s interesting to note. Especially with your world that’s a good way to expand on the story.

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