The Big Merger At TWC And Upcoming Improvements


As many of you know from today’s members newsletter, Top Web Comics is merging with Basto Media Inc. (the creator of comics such as Basto Entertainment as seen above) to provide many improvements to the site to hopefully attract more readers to your comics. Of course many of you know Richard Mathis, and he won’t be leaving the team. Instead he will be working alongside myself and Marty Basto, the owner of Basto Media Inc.

So what changes do we have in store? This blog is one of the first that is our hub for web comic previews, video game news, and art related media. In the coming months there will be more improvements to the site as well. Read on for details on those and how they will hopefully improve the viewers visiting to your comic.

1. Banners For All!

Ever wish you could get that eye catching banner of yours up to the top 10? Well wish no longer! Thanks to bandwidth improvements over the years we are now displaying all banners on all comics, no matter what your rank is! So every single comic can now have a banner displayed on TWC next to their current rank. Finally visitors to TWC can see your eye catching artwork and be drawn in by the styles they like instead of filtering through every comic under the sun. This way, visitors find what attracts them quickly and easily.

2. New Comics List Ranking! (For those under a year)

An improvement inspired by a comment on this very blog! DemonDan recommended we add a new section for newer comics and that’s just what we are doing thanks to his suggestion. Soon you’ll be able to view a ranking list of comics that are newer to TWC. These will be comics that have been on the site for under a year. The idea of this is to give newcomers more of a chance to be seen. DemonDan is also the creator of this weeks Web Comic Wednesday updating coming soon, based on his future war epic Demon Archives.

3. Improved profile page with uploads!

Wouldn’t you love to be able to share wallpapers and pin-up art of your characters right here on Top Web Comics? Well that option is also on the way! Some of us don’t host our own comics, or use other sites to share our stories with the world. This is a way for fans to not only vote on your comic to move it up the ranks, but also get additional materials right on the site from your comic to enjoy.

These are just some of the exciting changes coming to Top Web Comics! Be sure to stay tuned to this blog for more updates and lots more web comic news as well! If you have any questions about this merger or other site information, please send those to and I’ll be happy to send them along to Richard and Marty to potentially answer as part of their interview coming up later in February. The deadline for questions is February 15th, and the interview will be posted here on our new blog on February 21st.

Thanks for being a part of our site! We look forward to helping promote your creations for years to come!

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  1. DemonDan January 30, 2014 5:13 am 

    Wow. I made a real difference on the interwebs. Hopefully the power doesn’t go to my head ;)

    Hopefully this merger goes well and TWC doesn’t change too much from what we know and love.

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