Web Comic Wednesday Postponed This Week

I’m sure may of you have noticed that Top Web Comics has undergone some maintenance lately. Unfortunately many of our friends are still unable to access the site. Due to the nature of Web Comic Wednesdays, promoting your creations to the most people possible, I am delaying the schedule for this week and saving our next update for the 19th. It also gives fans time to catch up on our latest articles so those aren’t missed either.

We have some comic producer interviews coming up soon as well as next Friday’s interview with the sites two leading forces Richard Mathis and Marty Basto. Don’t forget to send us in any questions you may have for that interview.

We are still continuing Web Comic Wednesdays of course and appreciate those of you who have written in recently to request your comic to be included. I’m doing my best to fulfill those. Also a big shout out to Demon Archives, a web comic we previewed last month. Thanks to their post about our Top Web Comic blog in their articles section, many new requests came in from other comic creators to be featured. We always appreciate it when creators tell their fans that they’re featured over here on the blog.

So for now, we wait. Hopefully not for long. Richard assures me everyone should have access soon. If not you can try going into your command prompt (going into your start menu and typing command in the search bar there can get you to it super speedy) there you can type in: ipconfig /flushdns

That should resolve the problem, but if not it won’t take much longer anyway and should be active in a day or so. Naturally that only helps those of you who can see this blog. Some can actually, and can’t access TWC’s front page. Either way, we’ll be back next week though I do still plan to have a Friday Artist Talk this week. Get involved in those too! Don’t forget your TWC login from the front page logs you into our blog too! Just log in like you normally would to vote for a comic, then come over here and comment away! We want to hear from you!

Thanks, and we appreciate your understanding in this downtime. This should be our last server change for quite awhile.


  1. DemonDan February 12, 2014 3:42 pm 

    Good to know you guys are working on fixing the site. Is this at all related to SmackJeeves’ problem last week?

    • Les Major February 12, 2014 9:01 pm 

      It sounds like we MAY have had an issue with that, or it was just a notification we received. The downtime itself is a legitimate server change which is separate. Just both happened at the same time lol.

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