xkcd is a comic all about clever ideas


That’s not to say there isn’t a certain charm to the stick figure characters in many of the updates, but xkcd is a great example to all of us that what you really need is great writing to make people smile. Y’know, if you’re going for that kind of comic. Your serious drama with frightening situations probably shouldn’t be making your audience smile. So what is xkcd? A thoughtful, direct, comic strip of sorts. It’s also this weeks focus for Web Comic Wednesday.

Odds are you’ve probably heard about xkcd before. I can’t even remember when I originally discovered the comic. It’s a clever comic that in general requires you have some understanding of occasional technical topics or current events. I have to admit, there’s the odd time I’m completely lost and just move on to the next comic. For updates like that, there’s no shame to be felt. Actually, there’s an entire website dedicated to helping readers puzzle out any comics they may be unsure of! No really, explainxkcd.com is a real website that actually fills you in on those updates that have you drawing a blank.

So what makes the comic so interesting? Updates tend to be hilarious when you do get the references. The tech humour especially is a lot of fun and each comic actually has mouse over text to further elaborate on the updates topic. It’s fun when you get a complex reference too. Feeling extra smart is always nice.


The comic’s creator Randall Munroe mentions that he worked on robots at NASA’s Langley Research Center in Virginia. How cool is that? Listing my previous employment on my web comics doesn’t tend to sound as impressive. I’m not saying we all need amazing resume’s, but it is definitely neat to mention.

xkcd, which yes, isn’t an acronym, is best to just dive into. The comics are all direct comedy pieces and it’s quite easy to become addicted and start clicking through the archives for a good laugh. There’s a lot more that I could ramble on about, but really in this case, it’s best to just start reading and enjoy. You can begin your journey into romance, sarcasm, math and language, here: xkcd.com


I’ll be returning next week with another new update, so stay tuned! Don’t forget, xkcd is actually on the Top Web Comics list! If you’d like to vote for it, you can do so at the xkcd voting portal. To keep with this weeks theme, each link in this article does have mouse over text as well.


  1. DemonDan February 27, 2014 5:54 pm 

    Yeah, XKCD is a great comic. I’m surprised you’re evaluating it, since it is so famous already. Mayhaps a good way to get people notice this section, though ;)

    • Les Major February 27, 2014 7:19 pm 

      True, but mainly I just went with something I knew for this week since it’s a day late. I didn’t think it would be fair otherwise. Everyone’s having the same reaction though lol.

  2. DemonArchives March 10, 2014 4:25 pm 

    As ancient and internet canon as it is… you’d be surprised how many people haven’t ever read it…

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