Still More Hyper Realistic Art By Marcello Barenghi

Here’s the latest speed drawing in progress by artist Marcello Barenghi. His works became YouTube sensations for their realism that seems jump out of nowhere as you watch his speed drawings take place. Marcello has made an impressive list of these videos with over 100 on his channel. This ruby video is his latest three days ago and it’s quite amazing to watch it take form.

It’s quite impressive watching these works of art take form in mere minutes when they actually took hours. For more info you should check out Marcello Barenghi blog at

   As you can see from the process below the results go from mostly flat colors to realistic pieces quite seamlessly. It’s definitely an impressive process to watch and an inspiration to many of us artists.

Marcello Barenghi is also on deviantART with a gallery of completed pieces. You can check them out here:



  1. DemonDan March 15, 2014 4:57 pm 

    … Part of me kind of hates people with this level of incredible talent. The rest of me just gushes about how awesome it is.

    • Les Major March 16, 2014 4:58 pm 

      I just love how it’s kinda like he just takes out the realistic tool, passes it over the art and it’s magically awesome. >_< lol.

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