Zukah – The Not So Little Green Man


Feeling like an Image comic from back in the 90’s, Zukahnaut features solid comic storytelling which tells the everyday life of an alien who lives on Earth. Already that’s a unique enough story to keep most interested, but taking it a step further, Earth is also plagued with random portals that seem to be dropping newcomers into the world occasionally. Sometimes whole cities vanish and are replaced by forests. Other times two warring factions can end up in the middle of a city. Among all this chaos, we have Zukah, the big green guy.

Despite his claims of living on Earth for many many years, Zukah is pretty clueless about your average everyday things. Recently he’s been squatting in an abandoned house. All of this isolation doesn’t seem to be doing the best for him and he’s even occasionally hallucinating a small leprechaun friend. He eventually meets up with Darius who is a regular human guy that assists newcomers with settling in on Earth. Sure Zukah claims to be an alien who didn’t arrive through a portal, but Darius offers to help him anyway.

Much of the story is told alongside Zukah’s thoughts, which adds a lot to the series. Instead of just seeing him as a horrible clueless brute who swears quite a bit, we get more of an understanding that he really is a guy who could use some help. As naive as he may be, it becomes quite easy for him to become a likeable character. Even when things slow down a little bit as Zukah stumbles his way through trying to shop at one point, the action does cut away to give readers a focus on a future newcomer to stay tuned for.


Meeting Darius for the first time.

While not really out there violent and offensive, it’s probably best for more mature readers to enjoy the comic unless they’re okay with the swearing. Zukahnaut is rated PG-13 on Top Web Comic’s list. So really, there isn’t much here you’ll probably find upsetting, but I figured it was worth noting.

One of the things that caught my eye the most about the comic, and actually lead toward my Image comics comparison was the lettering. I really like how professionally it’s handled throughout the comic. That and the red font of Zukah himself makes the story flow just a bit faster to read through. It’s a nice touch. Each page does have mouse over text as well, so it’s enjoyable to check out the alt descriptions for fun on each.


Sometimes the displaced need encouragement to settle down.

Currently the comic is into Chapter 4, so there is a lot to dive into right away. I have to admit, Zukahnaut had me right away. It’s just one of those comics you start reading and get into. The story telling begins with a bit of make believe action to get readers attention and then keeps being curious and quirky leading up to the first meet up with Darius. There are occasional jokes throughout and it’s clear this is meant to be a quirky adventure. Sure, some serious situations do come up, but Zukahnaut is about adventure and fun.

Sound like fun? Check out the story from the beginning at Zukahnaut.com which updates every Saturday!


Hey comon mister, in the Fallout series bottle caps are currency! Give Zukah a break.


  1. DemonDan March 19, 2014 11:36 pm 

    I love Zukahnaut! So glad you spotlighted it :D

  2. ZUKAHNAUT March 20, 2014 1:36 am 

    Thank you very much for taking the time to give Zukahnaut a write-up! You seem to really get what we’re trying to do here, and that’s a grand feeling for any storyteller.

    • Les Major March 30, 2014 8:49 pm 

      For sure! Thank you very much too! The comic is definitely enjoyable and I’m glad you folks wrote in! :D

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