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If you’re looking for something to satisfy your sci-fi anime dreams, this web comic is quite a ride to take! From the happy, optimistic, 14 year old star to the emotionless yet in control cyborg guy she is assigned to, this series has a strong focus from the start. Over the years E-depth has evolved to be better colored, not to say that the original pencil color style isn’t beautiful as it was. The story flows well, and even reads like a traditional manga, right to left.

The creator, best known online as Mayshing, has put together an impressive collection of story here. What E-Depth Angel presents is really a sci-fi graphic novel in a manga style. Odds are it will be enjoyable to anyone who is into the genre. Angel Love, the main star it seems, comes off as your usual sweet innocent young anime character. She’s just been assigned to Black Tempest, a fellow cyborg who seems to be quite specific about his needs and quite reserved. Angel is to be his body care techno nurse, which seems to be a relatively common job in Seon’s underwater city. You’ll meet Randy early on too, but I’ll let you discover him for yourself.


It doesn’t take long before he’s off piloting his mecha and battling it out with another. These scenes are wonderfully crafted and the series reads quite well like a storyboard. Considering the source material, this is a good thing. Mayshing also has a background in animation so it’s good to see her skills shining through here.

I don’t really want to give much away here considering the series flows well and is quite an easy read. I was surprised how quickly the first 50 pages fly by that make up File 01, which is how the comic is broken up between Volumes which contain the “File” chapters. This really boils down to if you enjoy classic sci-fi anime, this is a story for you.

Another credit due to the series is that backgrounds are often and solid. Even when the action picks up during an indoor training exercise between two cyborgs, there is still the occasional scene showing the interior of the room to remind readers that these rocky outcroppings are not outside. Details like this go a long way in setting the reader into the world of E-Depth Angel, but also have the focus of most manga to know when to ease off on those backgrounds for the sake of emotional tone or casual dialogue.


We really are just dropped into the world of E-Depth Angel and the fact that we know so little about the world makes it easy to keep reading on. It’s a solid tale with lots of emotion, yet strong action scenes that keep a variety of audience members attention balanced. If you haven’t given it a go before, you can start reading here: http://comics.mayshing.com/edepth/ea/1

It should also be noted too, that if you’re interested in the series, there is also a Kickstarter going on right now to support an animated episode of E-Depth Angel. Details on that can be checked out here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/mayshing/e-depth-angel-anime



  1. DemonDan March 28, 2014 11:18 pm 

    You might want to make the links be hyperlinks. The blue is much more visible.

    Also, I wish you’d told me to read right to left ;)

    • Les Major March 30, 2014 7:51 pm 

      Thanks for pointing that out. They were supposed to be hyperlinks. Sometimes I write the Web Comic Wednesday posts outside of our blog first, I must have pasted them into a mode that didn’t covert the links.

  2. DemonDan March 29, 2014 11:30 am 

    Well I just binge-read the whole archive. Quite an enjoyable tale. It manages to make some of the classic manga cliches enjoyable to read, at least.

    Good luck to them raising $50K for their kickstarter though. That’s kind of crazy!

    • Les Major March 30, 2014 7:53 pm 

      That’s always the difficult part. Budgeting out for animation is a nightmare. I wasn’t asking anywhere near that since I was the only animator. However it was difficult just to get there and we really did only succeed in the last hour. Never know though, I don’t have nearly the sort of following.

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