TWC’s Articles Promotion Contest Winner – Puppy Rayn!


In this weeks Web Comic Wednesday we take a look at our first contest winner! Even characters living in a fantasy world need to take good care of their pets. Puppy Rayn is a children’s story that feature’s a lot of goodies on the site to keep the kids busy on a “Rayny” day while also advocating looking after our own companions. So far thirty comic strips have been released focusing on introducing some of the cast and showing the light hearted side of the series.

Puppy Rayn lives with Sylphe who seems to be his owner. They live together practicing magic, which fits for a medieval fantasy world. The comic builds up, showing a bit of their magic throughout, leading up to a magic competition being announced by their King, Henry. Most of the comic strips consist of four panels in a square format, but there are also occasional activity pages as well as advice on pet care.

The world Rayn lives in has obviously had a lot of thought put into it and series creator Kevin Conner seems to be looking for a way to express all of that. Normally I wouldn’t go into too much advice in our weekly Web Comic Wednesday updates, but since Puppy Rayn is a shorter series so far I thought it could be helpful. After all, Kevin is our contest winner and we do appreciate the views and hopefully new readers he has brought to the site.


At times the comics can be slightly unclear in content. Take for example Puppy Rayn’s explanation of how early on he is turned into a flower. After you read it and the description, you get that he’s exaggerating the story. It’s not to say it isn’t a cute joke, but Rayn quickly gains the ability to speak a bit and that helps the storyline along. As many of us know, you can’t cram in a bunch of narration into a four panel comic, so it really is up to the reader to realize Rayn is telling a tall tale here. However, I did find myself reading the descriptions often and it got me thinking that another venue for Puppy Rayn may even be children’s books instead.

Having larger scale images to further illustrate the world of Rayn in a more detailed sense with a paragraph of story below per page may be a more fitting format for the series. The world and it’s characters have their charm, it might just be better to share those characters through a more open medium than four panel comics. That isn’t to say the comics themselves aren’t fun. It’s only the rare one where you may need a moment to realize what is happening. There is quite a good mix of story to the thirty comic strips available on Puppy Rayn’s site.


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As noted too, the site has a collection of content including coloring pages and activity pages in the fun and games section. It will be interesting to see how Puppy Rayn progresses. You can start reading the comic on it’s official site, as well as lots of other goodies here:

Congrats again Kevin! I’ll be contacting you for your interview soon, and good luck with Puppy Rayn!

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  1. NinjaNezumi April 4, 2014 6:57 pm 

    Les, I’d also like to say that Doodling Around has some amazing art, and we love them quite a bit. I hope you will do a review of them in the near future!:D

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