Making Art When The Stars Are Right


I may have mentioned Sweet May Dreams work a couple times, but this latest commission by Stefanie deserves to be seen.

He has a similar look to her dragons but with those trademark tentacles so well blended in he’s just adorable. Does this mean we’ll be seeing more Lovecraftian creations by Stefanie? Only time will tell. Definitely though, this little guy looks awesome. Just goes to show you, sometimes fans can inspire some really creative ideas that can look awesome in your style!

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For more of Sweet May Dreams creations, check out their Etsy store here… Or at least check it out when Stefanie has time to update again. Things must be going well! The store is currently all sold out. Of course you can see her previously sold items as well. Sweet May Dreams is also on deviantART with a gallery here.

Want a closer look at her version of Cthulhu? Check him out below by clicking the image to enlarge:



  1. DemonDan April 4, 2014 8:17 pm 

    Is this the same lady who made the awesome little dragon figurines?

    • Les Major April 4, 2014 8:40 pm 

      Yup yup! I’m REALLY tempted to get her to do up one of my characters. I’ve got this little dragon in one of my comics with brown hair. She’d look pretty adorable in this style. ^_^

      It’s a shame comics take so long to produce. I’d love a Halloween issue where Tenzin and whatever is left of his squad go after Lovecraftian monsters! :D lol.

      • DemonDan April 4, 2014 8:42 pm 

        We might be able to make that happen. Crossover style. You could even draw it if you wished ;)

        PS, I don’t think you’ve every linked to your own comic. I’d love to give it a look.

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