Delver Has Been Updated


Ever played the first person rogue-like RPG Delver on Steam? Well good news! The early access game that’s still in beta just got even better. Since it’s launch Delver has seen some graphical changes and a good progression of updates. There’s still lots planned for the future but I couldn’t resist and got in on this title already. Going through the dungeon, leveling up, and wandering about is fun! Sorta like a simplified, cartoony, one quest version of Ultima Underworld if I had to put a reference to it. So what’s new?

Straight from the team working on the game, here is there release about update #4. I have to say, so far the first dungeon I tried looked a lot different and breaking doors and crates is fun.

We’ve been hard at work on Delver lately, and things are now stable enough to put out as a proper update. This update includes a ton of new dungeon areas, a new lighting model, lots of bug fixes, exploding potions, and some editor improvements to boot.

New Features

  • Potions are now volatile, don’t shake them up too hard

  • Crates are breakable, have a chance to contain loot

  • Level up stats are now randomly chosen, start of a new skill system

  • Doors can now be stuck closed, these can be bashed open

  • Better support for static meshes, engine supports much more detail now

  • New lighting model to make the dungeon look better and spookier

  • A bunch of rendering bug fixes

  • Lots of new dungeon content


  1. DemonDan April 6, 2014 9:19 am 

    Link? Or is it not available for us neophytes?

    • Les Major April 6, 2014 1:44 pm 

      It’s available on your new best friend, Steam! :D lol. I’ll be sure to add that. Late night update hiccup lol.

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