2 Days Until Art Contest Voting Starts – Entries Still Accepted


In just two days, you’ll be able to start voting on your favourite Hippos In Heaven art contest entries, but that doesn’t mean you won’t be able to still submit your own creation! Get sketching away, have fun with it, and you could be the winner of Top Web Comics first art contests! We’ve already seen what Dark Wick released as a example image, so read on for a highlight on some of the wonderful current entries in the contest. Join in! The more the merrier!

The contest is to include two of your own characters, a hippo, and a pumpkin at your rendition of the Gates of Heaven. Quite a creative concept! If that doesn’t get your wheels turning, I don’t know what will. We’ve seen some angelic hippos so far and one jack-o-lantern headed character. Which is quite fitting considering the story of Jack. (Read under folklore, third paragraph specifically) The original tale I’d heard actually had him being turned away at the Gates of Heaven.

So lets see some more entries! This is the start of something new and fun here at Top Web Comics and we’re looking forward to many more creative contests in the future! Let’s take a look at our entries so far in alphabetical order. Oh and your entry DOES get you listed on the contest page with a link to your web comic! MOAR FREE PROMOTION! Check out all the details!

Alien Adventure Team





Beast Legion, The

The Beast Legion

Everyday Heroes

Everyday Heroes


M9 Girls!

M9 Girls





  1. DemonDan April 8, 2014 9:04 am 

    These are all looking good. The creepy featured image pumpkin is creeping me out, though … ;)

    • Les Major April 8, 2014 12:19 pm 

      Hehe yeah. It’s actually one of my friends pumpkins from this past Halloween. She always does stuff like this, then acts like it’s no big deal. One time I cut out triangle eyes and a jagged mouth for my own jack-o-lantern! I was so proud. ^_^ lol.

  2. MartyBasto April 8, 2014 9:47 am 

    There is definitely a lot of good work on this competition. At the end of the day, what better way to promote your comic than to push your art into the public’s eyes!

    This contest is designed to allow webcomics to increase their visibility by promoting its characters. Plus, it’s an excellent method to show your creativity.

    It’s a contest, sure…but most importantly, it should be FUN!

    I know I’m having a blast seeing the creative minds at work. It really goes to show just how one idea can be interpreted so differently.

    I hope you guys are all having as much fun as I am but I promise you, we’re only just beginning!

  3. Coyote April 9, 2014 12:34 am 

    I’m working on one, which will obviously be a little late, but still before too long.

  4. projectpoppet April 15, 2014 9:01 am 

    Could I still enter? I don’t see any link to enter my piece.

    • Les Major April 15, 2014 1:52 pm 

      Yes you can! Sorry for the confusion, we’ll make it much more clear in future contests. There’s actually a link to contests on your TWC admin after you’ve logged in down near the bottom right. You can submit there. :D

      The voting has started, but anyone can still submit their creations.

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