If You’re A Fan, You Should Be Reading Mega Man


The Blue Bomber has been with us for a long time and some fans may not have been really noticing what was going on when Archie Comics released their books featuring him. With the Mega Man franchise cooling as many gamers wonder when the next titles are going to launch, these comics give everyone a great new adventure to take.

The series started off decently basic, introducing the first couple games or so. From there it really branched out after Mega Man, Dr. Light and Roll attended a robotics convention. Today, issue #35 is being released. That should tell you just how popular the series has become! That and there’s a five page Mega Man X comic pencilled by Patrick “Spaz” Spaziante at the end! Spoilers of course too if you haven’t been reading the series.

I’d been out of the loop since the robotics convention story arc, but issue #35 was very easy to pick up and get back into. The issue is the second in the story arc “The Shadow of Ra Moon.” One thing fans will note is that Proto Man, or as he’s referred to her by his other name Break Man, is involved now. He’s off having a deep conversation with the reprogrammed Tempo, or Quake Woman as she’s also known. If you’re just going to drop into this issue, the one thing you’ll need to know is that Quake Woman was in an accident and I think her creator, Dr Noele LaLinde reprogrammed her to be quite unemotional and to not feel pain. Something like that. She does seem a bit more expressive here however so she may be getting back to her usual self.


Meanwhile over in some ancient ruins, Mega Man is joined by Dr. Light as he and some others look for evidence to support Dr. Wily’s claims that lead to some sort of global blackout. Ra Moon is a huge robot it seems Mega Man stopped in a prior issue. As usual the emotion portrayed in these issues is actually quite good! These don’t feel like children’s comics. The stories are enjoyable for all ages.


The real highlight here is the artwork. Sure, the story is solid and doesn’t come off as corny, but it’s wonderful to see such great representations of Capcom characters like this. It really is a quality series. I think Archie Comics quickly realized they had something special here that fans took to right away, and it shows in the effort that is put into issues like this one. It’s especially a treat to see the Mega Man X back story pencilled by Spaz himself! This issue features part two of “The X Factor” but you can enjoy it on it’s own. Sure it’s more so an intro story to the first Mega Man X game, but it does a great job of bringing the story to life.


If you are a Mega Man fan, you really should check out these books. That and at only $2.99 USD, it’s a complete steal for the content you get. Mega Man Issue #35 hits comic shelves today! Fresh, new and ready to be picked up at your local comic store.


Images from: megaman.wikia.com/wiki/Mega_Man_Issue_35_(Archie_Comics)


  1. DemonDan April 16, 2014 8:55 am 

    I had no idea that they made Megaman comics. I used to love those games, until I went back to try and play them and realized how horribly hard they are! No I still love them nostalgically, but don’t really want to play them :)

    • Les Major April 17, 2014 1:29 am 

      I think it’s all about getting back into that mindset. The ZX series got me back into playing Megaman again. I’m sad to see there haven’t been more of them. I also miss the Castlevania side scroller games, but I’m sure you more than know that by now. :)

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