Is This The Blue Life, Or Is This Just Fantasy?


This weeks Web Comic Wednesday Thursday is a day later due to supreme overlord Marty Basto giving me a break yesterday with his post. That however doesn’t make this comic any less awesome! If anything, Decrypting Rita is an artistic wonder as much as it is a clever web comic. It’s begins as a sci-fi story and splits into two separate, different colored stories. Which one is the real world, and what one is fantasy? That’s just the beginning! The story is set to wrap up presumably around the end of this year as well, so it will be one complete tale.

When you first see the initial split in Decrypting Rita, the comic really comes alive. The sci-fi story the comic begins with is fun, but when you realize there’s even more here than meets the eye, it becomes an even more interesting read that drives you forward. Each chapter is laid out in a unique format too, allowing readers to scroll from left to right to experience the comic. The story is literally read like it’s on a scroll. Obviously the printed version available on the site (though currently sold out) is probably told entry by entry, but getting to experience the story like this on the site is quite a treat.

The story itself can be serious in nature at times but series creator Margaret Trauth who also goes by Egypt Urnash tends to add in the occasional joke as well which both adds character to the story and keeps things fun. It would be easy for this web comic to plunge into brooding pondering about life, but instead any such moments are kept clever and witty. The rest is a roller coaster ride of fun and excitement!


As the adventure presses on, we’re introduced to even more splits. Obviously I don’t want to spoil anything but this really does make for a creative comic. The main star, Rita, is present in all of these realities, as are most of her friends. With the unique presentation, readers can choose to read one arc first, scroll back, and then read the panels from the alternate world in some of the entries. This creates a sense of so much going on while giving readers a glimpse into the various worlds in each update.

Artistic freedom is taken with both panels and speech bubbles as well, allowing for creative panel flow and overlap in dialogue. I really can’t stress just how beautiful the concept plays out to be. Mind you it is a comic you need to pay attention to as well since there is so much going on. The format fortunately also allows for a little bit of something for everyone to be added in. Tired of the sci-fi story? No worries, there’s some modern world interaction on the way. If that isn’t your cup of tea, there’s even fantasy elements as well to be found.


Decrypting Rita is a wonderful creative concept that is presented well and reminds us that we don’t have to remain trapped in conventional forms of artistic layout and storytelling. Margaret Trauth has given us something that’s thrilling, cute, funny and quirky. If you’re looking for something different to read, you’ll certainly find a colorful and captivating story here.

There are times however readers may feel a bit lost. Thankfully on the series about page there is a glossary of some of the terms used. So it’s good to have that on hand for such moments. I’d recommend checking out Decrypting Rita to see if it’s right for you. If nothing else the Mirror’s Edge like intro is worth a read though and will probably make you a fan.



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  1. DemonDan April 18, 2014 7:57 am 

    Decrypting Rita is also one of my favorites and regular reads! And an Underdog, so I may have helped in getting her to bother you for a Spotlight ;)

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