Size Sure Matters In The City Of Chirault


This week on Web Comic Wednesday, we’re looking at the mage capital of Chirault which is having some real growing pains. They can’t expand out into the forest around them, so it’s up into the sky with more and more towers. That all isn’t as easy as it sounds, and it seems more magic is required to keep this going with spells supporting the mages structures. However a discovery has been made which could allow the mages to finally get rid of some of that pesky forest holding expansion back. Of course, that’s when everything goes wrong.

The mages of Chirault have come up with a small orb that is a representation of their world it seems. The difficult part is it basically works like holding the very world itself in your hands. The orb is literally like a magical rendition of their world, and even just an innocent finger jabbing into the sphere could flatten a whole town. Not only is this of course a very dangerous device they have now used magic to bring into existence, they’re stuck with it. The orb will have to be protected and cared for until the mages can find a way to unweave the magic that binds it to the world.


Meanwhile, one of our main stars, Teeko, is wandering through the woods about to have size changing issues of her own. She happens upon a demon attacking a humanoid, and even after demon hunter Kiran has slain the monster, poor Teeko realizes she was somehow shrunken in the exchange. It turns out the humanoid being attacked must have used a size spell and she somehow got caught up in it. Begrudgingly accepting that Teeko is now quite helpless, the demon hunter Kiran decides to bring her along and hopefully find out how to magic her back to her regular size.

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That’s the basics of what your journey will be like starting out in Chirault, the web comic. It’s a grand fantasy world told about some spikey eared elven looking people who seem to be the humans of this world. However, even our main hunter Kiran is actually a demon himself. Though his appearance isn’t that off putting so not everyone realizes this right away. Even Teeko herself too seems to be some variation of a demon.

The art style is quite beautiful, told through a mostly monochrome shaded style that has a manga feel to it. With a good blend of occasional backgrounds that present the world well, Chirault features quality artwork, great story telling, and an interesting plot that keeps readers continuing along. There are a lot of good questions started right from the get go. After all, will Teeko get back to regular size? What will become of the orb? Even more so, can the mages even keep the orb safe? There won’t be much left of the planet if a bunch of confused mages take it outside and play soccer with it after all.


Updated Mondays and Fridays, Chirault has a huge catalogue of back story. The current archives are getting close to 700 pages! Interestingly too, the comic is actually hand crafted. Inked and colored with marker. This in turn gives it a very clean look that lends well to the fantasy feel. It’s very easy to read and I’d recommend it to anyone who enjoys fantasy content in general.

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  1. DemonDan April 25, 2014 5:37 pm 

    Well I’m a couple hundred pages into the archives now, and it is quite entertaining :)

    Sometimes it’s hard to distinguish things in just the black and white, but I may just be spoiled by colors.

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