Kyria Has A Different Take On Why Monsters Drop Currency


The peaceful land Ryndele is pretty, as it the artwork depicting the landscape, but to Xerxes it’s just boring. Grand adventure awaits when he decides the life he wants is beyond the quaint countryside. It’s quickly revealed that he was a knight in training it seems, but Captain of the knights Osric doesn’t see him as being very good. Actually all of the adventurers that Xerxes gets acquainted with are misfits of a sort. At least one isn’t even human. Just don’t call him a penguin though either. Lets take a deeper look at Kyria!

So what’s this articles title all about? We’ll tackle that first. Kyria has a different and possibly even unique way of looking at currency that adventuring parties get from monsters. It turns out in their world, monsters actually eat what the people of the world use for money. The cash in this case is called Bits. So what does that mean? If they want to get Bits from monsters, they gotta cut them open to get it. Kind of makes you wonder though too. Are there scavengers in Kyria who look through monster poop for undigested Bits? Probably not I guess, since Bits grant monsters their elemental powers. So don’t drop your change around monsters. When it gets eaten you’ll be quite disappointed I’m sure.

What does this mean for adventuring in the world of Kyria? Should our heroes be looking for bigger monsters who gulp Bits like crazy to slay so they can get a massive pay day? Are huge gluttonous monsters a huge source of revenue in this world? Am I really over thinking this angle? Probably, lets get into the story itself.


After Xerxes meets his companions, which happens quite quickly when not-a-penguin alchemist Mordecai and friends save our hero from being beaten up too badly for being a human. Apparently the different races in Kyria don’t like humans too much. At least the ones Xerxes first meets.

Going off on adventure leads them to meeting up with Captain Osric yet again, but even with a generous offer from his former leader, Xerxes doesn’t want be a knight. He’d rather adventure with his new found friends. That doesn’t bode well for the party and everyone is knocked out as Osric takes off seemingly to conquer a kingdom with his griffon riding knights.


The comic itself is presented beautifully with vibrant backgrounds to enjoy. Dialogue flows well and introduces the readers to the characters in a strong sense by using a script like approach to speech. Each time a character speaks on a page, their name is in at least the first bubble they speak in. For someone like me who is terrible with names, this is quite helpful having the constant reminder. The names also make it easy to jump in and out of the comic update to update without questioning, “Who was that guy again?” The look may not work for all comics, but it fits well here.

Light comedy and an upbeat hero give Kyria a feel similar to Sierra adventure games in that despite how serious the topics may be, the comic is about having fun. It takes a couple pages to really get to know Xerxes but you quickly will and he’s an enjoyable character. So if you’re up for adventure, start reading the web comic today here:

Don’t forget too, Kyria is on the Top Web Comics list! If you like the adventures of Xerxes, don’t forget to vote!



  1. DemonDan May 7, 2014 10:27 pm 

    Kyria! I just recently read this one myself, because Aero-Zero and I are totally frenemies/rivals ;) It’s good stuff though :)

  2. ZUKAHNAUT May 7, 2014 10:43 pm 

    Kyria is a delightful comic set in a lush world filled to the gutters with intriguing people and critters. The creator steadfastly refuses to fall into the ruts that fantasy stories have been slouching along for the better part of a century — Tolkien can finally sit this one out. The whole comic reads as an homage rather to the sorts of immersive role-playing games that I poured so much time into as a younger Zukahnaut — and it retains the atmosphere and attitude of those roots rather than perverting them with the sort of stale deconstruction that now seems almost mandatory in webcomics of any genre. “Fun” is not a dirty word in Kyria. Fun is the order of the day, and I love it for that.

  3. Aero Zero May 8, 2014 12:04 am 

    Thanks for the review, and thank you guys for the comments :> I’m really happy it is apparent that this isn’t a more typical fantasy setting.
    Things are going to get more dramatic very soon, but I still aim to keep a light tone.
    I’m endlessly amused at the fact that everyone chooses that picture of Xerxes and Mordecai as the summary of the story haha
    oh and Bits are like little hexagon coins (they’re actually going to be shown in a couple of pages). The monsters absorb them so they don’t poop :D

    • Les Major May 8, 2014 12:36 am 

      LOL glad to read a reply to my Bits question. :) lol.

      Heh, I guess that image just sums up Xerxes so well! He wanted to be the leader of his own adventurers guild. So he’s proud of having his own party.

      You’re very welcome Aero! I’m glad you wrote in to us!

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