Unofficial Watch Dogs Art Contest Comes To A Close

With the game coming out in less than a week and the contest coming to a close, we would like to thank everyone who participated in our unofficial Watch Dogs art contest. It’s been a good run and we appreciate all of your entries. As of this posting, no more entries will be accepted for the free ad space promotion any more either. Next time we will be getting back to one of Marty’s random art contests like our Hippos In Heaven one from last month. Those details will be released next week, as well as the final results of our Watch Dogs contest.

Thanks to everyone who entered! Your submissions were a lot of fun and we’re proud of the effort put in! Next week we’ll be returning to our regular Friday Artist Talks again and finally featuring some content continuing our discussion about live model drawing and how references can help improve your skills. Of course hopefully soon we’ll be able to give you some hands on impressions of Watch Dogs as well! Stay tuned and again, thanks to those who entered!

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  1. Stu-Jojo May 24, 2014 8:24 pm 

    Thanks to you guys! I think is fun to unleash some creativity sometimes, even more if there’s the chance to win something in return.

    Also, it’s a win-win in any case, just participating is enough to get some visibility. I really like this idea, i’m curious to see the next one!

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