What Inspires You?

A bit of a shorter topic this week since with the holidays coming up many of you are away for either this long weekend or next. Of course, these end of the week updates are for all of us to discuss various art topics on Fridays. This week we’re looking at what inspires you.

Before I’ve mentioned my love of music and how I find it encouraging to have a good soundtrack to work to. How about you? Others I know of enjoy playing movies in the background. Either the films themselves or even just DVD commentary. Maybe that’s just a way to have some background noise perhaps.

Maybe you like planning out your stories. Really getting into the details and laying out charts and such to get inspired. It can even be a good way to see new angles on your characters, maybe even interactions you haven’t considered before.

Of course movies in general, books, media overall can be a good way to get inspired. No, that doesn’t mean taking ideas from other sources. More so it’s a way to look at your creations more objectively. Are there storylines you hadn’t considered? Themes or emotions you perhaps didn’t want to try out but were inspired by other media to do so?

What really gets you energetic about working on your web comic?

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  1. Coyote July 4, 2014 12:54 pm 

    Getting motivated to start, I think of the experiences I had, look at pictures in my laptop from deployment, and –mostly– look at the old ballpoint pen version I did while deployed, and think about how I’d rework it for the webcomic version.

    On my off-time, I watch movies like Apocalypse Now or Black Hawk Down, the Beast of War, and similar stuff. While this may seem “serious” in juxtaposition to the humorous, more gentle PG-rating I’m trying for in the webcomic, these movies also remind me to take things seriously while also reminding me of the daily frustrations that crop up that become funny in retrospect.

    While working, I tend to listen to a lot of soundtracks. Anything from “Star Trek: the Wrath of Khan” to “Lawrence of Arabia” or “Patton”. I also have a humorous list of songs on YouTube I listen to, such as the Picrad Song, the Beer Song, the Stargate version of the Hamster Dance, and Avenue Q’s “The Internet is for Porn”.

    It is also guaranteed that something funny will come up during a weekend Reserve drill that I’ll file away for later use. Real life does deliver the best material, over and above anything else…

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