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Though things have been fantastic with being able to share my knowledge week after week in our Friday Artist Talk section, Marty has requested I focus on our contest entries to further promote these chances at excellent prizes to promote your web comic! So each Friday from now on we will be focusing on contest entries instead of our artist talk section. You can learn more about our latest contest on the Dwarf On Vacation Art Contest page.

Who are we discussing this week? Dan from The Demon Archives and his entry! As he has pointed out on the entry itself, he is the writer of The Demon Archives and not the artist. So is this allowed that he still made an entry for the contest? Certainly! We encourage anyone on a web comic team to join in. If your artist doesn’t have the time to produce an entry, that doesn’t mean you still can’t enter and promote your series. The Demon Archives has also brought in a staggering 127 views so far as a contest promoter which can win the bonus prize of three free ad spots! That’s one less than second place itself just for promoting the contest the most!

So let’s look at Dan’s entry.

To begin with, Dan wanted to help us illustrate that entries could be as creative and flexible as they like with the way the rules are interpreted. The dwarf on vacation idea for example , doesn’t have to be just a dwarf on an island etc etc. It just needs to include those elements. It says a heavily armoured dwarf. Take that as you will! Give him a mecha suit, a tank, or just medieval armour. Whatever you see as suitable for your creation. Like I recommended recently to another entry, the Christmas tree aspect could even be a magical artifact mini trinket one of the characters wears. It doesn’t have to be a full sized tree.


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Dan decided to make the contest rule additions a snow globe on a table in a scene set in the Demon Archives universe. He even included his entry from the last contest. Sure, Chibi Hitler is still included, and that brings the character count up to four, but only two of the characters are from The Demon Archives which means it still fits within the rules. That and it’s a reference to the last contest including his previous work.

We’d like to thank The Demon Archives for all of their help promoting our contests. You guys have had a lot of fun with this and that’s what it’s all about. We appreciate your entries, your support, and all the times you’ve commented on this blog. It’s great to lead by example and show others this is a place they can voice their opinions. Thanks guys!


  1. DemonDan July 19, 2014 11:25 am 

    Oh gosh. Not sure if I wanted this piece spotlighted, it’s so bad ;)

    I’d be glad if someday I was able to relinquish contest promoter status to someone else, but for the foreseeable future, all the promoter rewards are mine! :D

    Sorry for going over on characters? I didn’t think that a picture on the wall would count, an the gray wall was too boring. I went with this being Jane’s room for her physical collections of things, including last month’s entry :)

    Hope more people enter this and future contests! Have you thought about having a contest to come up with good contest ideas? Or a contest to write up good articles or something?

    • Les Major July 19, 2014 1:37 pm 

      Going over on the characters the way you did is fine. You did only use two of your characters after all.

      A contest contest? Contestception? I think Marty wants to keep things focused on art for now. Maybe I’ll see about taking over the reigns for the next contest.

      • DemonDan July 19, 2014 5:09 pm 

        It doesn’t have to be an official contest, but you might get more community engagement if you seek out some more ideas on what sort of contests to run and etc. Making it a “contest” or rewarding participants just incentivizes the discussion and brainstorming, maybe.

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