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This week we’re taking a look at The Highest Bet which brought back memories for me with it’s animated intro. My friend and I used to make Flash animations all the time just for fun before I began producing full scale animations on my own. It’s great to see a web comic creator utilizing animation to promote their web comic and get readers excited for what’s to come. So join our heroine as she hops out of her Cryoburn tube and learns what the universe is like around her.

Arty Stu has a good story flow here that lends itself to a YuGiOh sort of vibe in the playing games sense. Don’t get me wrong, that’s a really cool aspect of this comic that is told well. In the universe of The Highest Bet our feline star Ny Ado is first seen using a Game Ring to challenge two lizard aliens for Danah, a purple haired human who just woke from Cryoburn. It seems that instead of violence in this universe, everyone turns to Game Rings to challenge each other. The games involved so far are a version of rock paper scissors and what seems to be a take on Guess Who.

Ny Ado uses confusion and cunning ideas to outwit his opponents which seems will be an ongoing focus in the web comic. There is a lot of information in the few pages that are available to get you into the world of The Highest Bet. Style wise, speech bubbles often burst from the comics frames, giving way for the artwork to be displayed more freely. It’s a great comic with just the limited cast introduced so far and the intro makes it clear that Arty Stu has a lot in mind for the future.


So where is Danah going to end up? Will Ny Ado be able to win her away from her lizard men captors? What’s the deal with this game crazed universe and how exactly will gambling develop Ny Ado’s character? Will he always be lucky? Does he know when to quit and when he has a sure thing? I guess we’ll all find out as the series continues on!

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  1. Stu-Jojo July 25, 2014 6:08 am 

    I have no words to describe how happy i am to see an article about my comic! You made my day/week/probably month!

    Just too generous tho! *blushes* all these promises too keep! I hope i’ll be able to leave something worth to remember!

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