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Hello webcomic artists and comic fans alike! I’m Les Major, a fellow artist and animator with many years of hosting panels at conventions. On this blog I will be sharing art tips and suggestions with you. I will also be previewing webcomics from people in our community and on the internet at larger. Read on for more.

As always, Top Web Comics is about promoting talent that you may not have seen before while encouraging fans to take part in our monthly voting to spotlight popular content you shouldn’t miss. However we will also be shifting into a focus on video game news as well.

Over the past few years, I have been writing about and reviewing many video games. This blog will become the new home of that content. I’m eager for all of you to share your fandom and speak out in my articles about what you enjoy. We are all here to share our passion and this is a way for us to discuss art and video games together with each other, building a fresh new community of like minded people.

I’ve been through a lot in this industry. I’m here to share that experience and knowledge with you. With tutorials, inspirational articles, and impressions of the tools we use, the blog will have lots of shop talk as well as video game info for your break time. Be sure to check in shortly for my full schedule of weekly content.

In the past I’ve produced the Luftwaffe 1946 OVA episode and my original creation, FantaSize episode 1. Since then I’ve spent most of my time hosting panels at conventions and helping fans eager to learn more about this industry. Currently I’m animating FantaSize 2, my latest creation kickstarted by a successful IndieGoGo campaign. So with two completed DVDs, a short video game, and tons of various smaller projects, I will be sharing lots here that I hope will benefit all of you.

Whatever you have on your mind in terms of art and video games, I want to hear from you. Stay tuned for my updates as we continue to set up this blog.

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  1. Michael Gebhard January 2, 2014 7:30 pm 

    I just barely joined this site a couple of weeks ago- I live in Utah and we recently had our first bonafide comic con in Salt Lake City this past fall. As a result of the comic con I was inspired to pick up drawing again as a pastime and I’ve made my two dogs (Charlie and Burkley) the subject of my new cartoon strip, “Dog Tales”.

    I’m trying to hit as big an audience as possible now that I’ve finally gotten back to a level of drawing I feel comfortable with sharing with others. Feel free to check out my past and present strips I’ve posted here and on my website, or just friend me on Facebook to see my actual creative process using sketchbook pro 6 and a wacom cintiq 21ux (through a macbook). I am also planning on posting video tutorials on youtube sometime in the near future, so stay tuned for that (I’ll be using the same setup and combining it with Camtasia software for video editing).

    I’m super excited for this next year and hoping to get Dog Tales ranked in the top 100 here on Top Web Comics before the year is over- I know it’s a lofty goal considering all the wonderful talent and competition here already but I have a good feeling about Dog Tales and the lovable characters in it- check it out, I’m sure you’ll soon fall in love with Charlie and Burkley as well!

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